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Scott Murray

Project / 2017 August

Interactive Data Visualization for the Web, 2nd Ed.

The second edition of my wildly successful book on D3, data visualization, and coding for the web.


What’s New in the 2nd Ed.

New chapters on:

New appendices on:


“There are few books that I’d call ‘game-changers.’ Interactive Data Visualization for the Web is one of them. It takes a topic that is obscure and hard to grasp for noncoders, and it transforms it into a delightful experience—full of clarity, fun, and insight. It’s the book that I recommend to all of my students to get started with d3.js.”
Alberto Cairo, Knight Chair in Visual Journalism, University of Miami

“Scott Murray is pioneering a new approach to design—combining deep knowledge of both code and visual principles to create work that is at once extraordinarily beautiful, highly interactive, and coherently integrated. What’s more, he’s a teacher who generously shares his knowledge. And now, he’s revised his wonderful book Interactive Data Visualization for the Web—a foundational text for designers and anyone else dealing with the coming onrush of data.”
Hugh Dubberly, Principal, Dubberly Design

“We have been using Scott’s book in our CS171 Visualization course at Harvard for the past three years. It is, by far, the most comprehensive and best introduction to D3 out there. The tone of the book is conversational, and it is easily accessible by nonexperts and beginners. Our students like it, and I believe they benefit from having the materials presented in the order that Scott came up with. We are definitely looking forward to the next edition!”
Hanspeter Pfister, An Wang Professor of Computer Science, Harvard University

“The first edition has simply been the most complete, effective, single source for learning D3 and visualization on the web from scratch. I have recommended it countless times.”
Erik Cunningham, Software Engineer, Twitter

“I can’t think of a better way to understand D3. It’s funny and engaging for a nonprogrammer, deep and detailed for an engineer, and filled with practical and visual bliss for the designer.”
Xaquín G.V., Visual Storyteller, formerly the Guardian, The New York Times, and National Geographic

“Scott Murray is the master of making technical instruction entertaining and fun. I wish more books were written like this.”
Riley Rustad, Demand Planning—Data and Analytics, Adidas

Interactive Data Visualization for the Web, based on Scott’s outstanding online tutorials, remains the clearest and most accessible introduction to D3. It’s even moderately funny.”
Kevin Quealy, Graphics Editor, The New York Times

“I recommended the first edition to countless people, technical and nontechnical alike. Scott’s ability to articulate key concepts concisely to a broad audience, without oversimplifying, is unparalleled and refreshingly jargon-free. The first go-to book in the canon of web-based data visualization? Definitely.”
Tom Longmate, Freelance Design Technologist

“I have a bookshelf behind my desk full of reference books; but Scott Murray’s book is never on that shelf, because it’s constantly on my desk.”
Gail Zuniga, Information Designer

See much more voluntarily lavished praise in the opening pages of the book itself.

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