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Scott Murray


Historically, I worked with code, data, and computation to design learning experiences. I’m interested in learning, teaching, design, visualization, art, and culture.

At the moment, I’m helping parents sleep better at Oolie. If you have kids and face sleep challenges, I hope you’ll join us on your sleep journey.

Prior to Oolie, I managed the Learning Experience team at O’Reilly Media. Before that, I was an Assistant Professor of Design at USF.

I wrote Unstuck: JavaScript and two editions of Interactive Data Visualization for the Web, the best-selling way to learn D3.js and a pretty decent book still rated ★★★★★ on Amazon.

I used to contribute to Processing, the software that completely changed my life. I studied at MassArt’s Dynamic Media Institute (M.F.A. 2010) and Vassar College (A.B. 2001).

I live in Portland, Oregon.


The energetic particles on the home page were created with Processing and Processing.js.

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The site was made mobile-friendly through a combination of CSS3 media queries and JavaScript.

FastMail handles all my email and DNS.

This whole thing is in dire need of a redesign, but, really, who has the time?