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Scott Murray

Project / 2014 January


The triangle is the simplest two-dimensional shape; the relationships of its sides and angles are the basis of all geometry and trigonometry. Geometric takes as its basis a triangular grid known as a Sierpinski triangle, named after Wacław Sierpiński, the Polish mathematician who first described it in 1915. A Sierpinski triangle is a fractal, a mathematically defined texture of potentially infinite complexity. The rules for creating the image are simple: Begin with an equilateral triangle; draw a new triangle that constitutes the inner quarter of the original, but “upside down”; then repeat for as many iterations as desired.

Geometric aims to bring this triangular grid into physical space, or, rather, to bring participants from physical space into the grid. By making the grid reactive and responsive to participants’ motion, the project evokes an aesthetic experience inspired by the important roles of geometry, mathematics, and computation in our daily lives.

Geometric was created with Processing and relies on OpenCV for Processing.

34/42 ease()-y as Math.PI Commonwealth Youth Development Index