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Scott Murray

Project / 2010 January


Cheeky tempts participants with a small, quizzically abstract hourglass shape that grows larger as they approach the screen. When they lean in close enough, the two halves of the form separate, vibrating wildly as an uncomfortably loud noise audibly releases the tension in the space. A special “reward” is reserved for those who can tolerate the embarrasment of repeated performances.

The images at right illustrate:

  1. A small, curved shape hovers, growing in size only as participants approach the screen.
  2. Once the participant has leaned in, uncomfortably close to the screen, an all-too-familiar sound is accompanied by the rapid vibration of the curved shapes.
  3. Brown gas bubbles are rapidly ejected from the center, their velocity tied to the amplitude of the noise. The participant is shocked and horrified, sometimes laughing, sometimes not.
  4. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more absurd, a fire source appears at the bottom of the display and sets the emissions aflame. Participants are blown away by the cacophony of the torched gas.

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