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Scott Murray

Project / 2009 May

Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers is an interface for exploring the vast range of questions that people ask (and answer) online. Launch the interactive app or read more about it.

Simply by asking a question, we inadvertently reveal a great deal about ourselves. The intimate details revealed by this questioner prompts one to ask what is acceptable (or not) to ask complete strangers about online.

The minimalist, fluid interface encourages exploring the range of questions online. Some are more humorous than others, but all questions betray clues about the identity of the questioner.

When questions are explored by category, the colors used are based on keywords associated with that category name. (So, the “environment” section tends to be fairly green, while “beauty and style” is pink and orange.) Dynamic color analysis ensures the text is always legible, even though the colors are not pre-determined.

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