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Scott Murray

Project / 2009 May


ColorTools is a collection of code that makes it easier to work with colors in Processing. It can easily generate random colors, retrieve colors from ColourLovers, and dynamically adjust visual contrast to ensure legibility. More info.

The images at right illustrate:

  1. A palette of randomly generated colors.
  2. The colors for “ocean,” as determined by ColourLovers.
  3. The colors for “orange,” as determined by ColourLovers.
  4. Demonstrating a text search for “happy,” and the resulting colors.
  5. Two different color palettes at far left and right. The grid in the center is a palette generated by blending all colors of the left and right palettes.
  6. Given any two colors, ColorTools can adjust one color value for the desired amount of visual contrast. In this example, compare the background with the top row of text. Each subsequent row of text has been adjusted for greater legibility.
  7. Another example of adjusting visual contrast, this time moving from a dark color to a lighter one.

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