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Scott Murray

Project / 2013 March

Interactive Data Visualization for the Web

An introduction to D3 for people new to programming and web development, published by O’Reilly. The inital ebook was released in November 2012. The final ebook and paper copies were published in March 2013.

Second edition out now! The links below will be useful only if you’re already referencing the now-out-of-date first edition.

This book is a massive expansion of my online D3 tutorials, and, by request, includes more information on basic web development, including comprehensive introductions to all of the web technologies behind D3: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SVG.

Also see my D3 video courses.


What People Are Saying

“Explaining tricky technical topics with aplomb (and a little cheeky humor) is Scott Murray’s forte. If you want to dive into the world of dynamic visualization using web standards, even if you are new to programming, this book is the place to start.” —Mike Bostock, creator of D3

@andyteucher Reading Interactive Data Vis for the Web by @alignedleft. Can't believe I'm actually laughing out loud reading a coding book.

@gonzofish Completely engrossed @alignedleft's book… I can feel the #D3js mastery growing in me. Soon.

@Ian__Watkins @alignedleft Reading the Early Release eBook and running the code. Loving the humour, really helping the learning process by making it fun.

@adelleywelley Started learning D3 this weekend with @alignedleft's awesome book. I wholeheartedly agree that "variabalize" should be a word, make it so!

@obfuscurity Snagged the Kindle version of @alignedleft’s new dataviz/D3.js book. Yesssssss.

@d3noob That chapter on Geo mapping alone is fantastic! Great work.

@37point2 Amazing resource on d3.js from @alignedleft and @OReillyMedia. You should really check it out.

@StocktonSays Thank you @alignedleft for writing It's awesome. And especially thanks for this:

@jcukier re @alignedleft book: The hardest part of learning d3 is the bump at the beginning of the curve... Scott's patient tone will work wonders.

@tmcw and re: people asking for a good single resource on d3, just buy @alignedleft's book already

“Right this moment I’m halfway through chapter 9 and I have this incredible animated scatter plot in front of me that is making me feel like quite the baller. Your book was my first real introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (plus I’d never even set up a local web server before). Suffice it to say, it doesn’t feel fair that I’ve created something so cool in less than two days.” —Chris Walker

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