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Scott Murray

Project / 2014 November

Privilege Campaign

I oversaw the design process for this campaign to encourage critical reflection and discussion about privilege. Originally intended to communicate only to USF students on campus, the “Check Your Privilege” message struck a chord on the Internet when a student worker “leaked” the poster designs with photos posted on Tumblr. We began receiving so many requests from other institutions to reuse the designs that we created a website with reusable, Creative Commons-licensed templates.

USF Psychology students crafted the text for each type of privilege, and Design majors Cat Bagg, Veronica Cabanayan, Ray Choi, and Camille Esposito generously volunteered their time and skills to illustrate and compose the printed posters and digital versions. The project was initiated by Dr. Ja'Nina Walker (Psychology), with Dr. Sonja Martin Poole (Marketing) and myself as co-investigators.

37/42 Changing Minds to Changing the World Revamp Salon